Pay Later Policy

Hello there traveler,

Here at Merlin's Toy Store we pride ourselves in having the collector's best interest at heart. We want to give you the best experience possible when building your collection. We are collectors ourselves, so we know what it takes sometimes...

Because of that we are offering a "Pay Now or Pay Later" option in your carts. Pay Now is just like any other store, but Pay Later lets you create an order and secure your purchase without paying until the items come into our store!! This is a service we pass along to you just because we're awesome!

Just like with the Pre-Order Policy, all the items in these orders will be shipped together once all have arrived. So if there are pre-order items that are slated for different shipping dates, or in-stock items and pre-order items in the same order, then you may want to consider making multiple orders to ensure your items get to you as soon as possible!

Merlin the All Powerful is happy to extend this service to you, traveler! We only ask that you honor your orders when they come due. An invoice will be sent to your email when all items arrive and the order will be processed as soon as payment is received!

Safe travels, my friend. And remember to spread the news of the good deeds of the All Powerful Merlin to all those you may see on your travels!

- Merlin