Welcome to Merlin's Toy Store

Welcome Traveler,

We are excited to welcome you to our online toy store. Merlin's Toy Store is a family owned shop that showcases as an action figure vendor in the Southeast United States but is now making our inventory and orders available online! We are collectors ourselves, so we are aiming to bring a service to the collector community that helps people get the items they want while building a fun place to gather!!

To offer something special to the collector community, we are offering a Pay Later order system while offering Free Shipping on all orders over $50!!

As collectors, we know how hard it can be sometimes... but that shouldn't keep you from getting the items you need. So we offer a way to make them available to you through the Pay Later system. Make sure to review the Pay Later Policy if this is a service you intend to use. In addition, please review our Pre-Order Policy to become familiar with how to Pre-Order items at MTS!

Also, check out the Toy YouTube channels and Toy Podcasts highlighted on the website! These amazing members of the community bring us amazing content weekly as well as insight into the toys we love!

In the future, we look forward to bringing to the website a Toy Photography Showcase, Photo Galleries of our conventions, and new and amazing articles. Feel free to reach out to me at for inquiries to be a part of our online community!

Fare well on your travels, friend. We look forward to when our passes will cross again!